“I’ve had chronic neck and shoulder pain for many years from sitting at the computer for hours and straining my neck to grade papers. Dr. Rosenberg has been very helpful in alleviating the pain. It might never go away completely unless I quit working altogether, but after several initial visits I only need to go in once every few months for an adjustment. He’s very nice and personable and so is his receptionist, Nancy, who always greets me by name when I walk in (and I frequently walk in without an appointment, so she’s not just looking down at the appointment book.)  I usually just walk in and have never had to wait more than 15 minutes.” – J.B. B.

A friend recommended me to Dr. Rosenberg when I had crippling neck pain two weeks prior to flying to Europe (the thought of sitting on a plane without being able to move my head was a very scary idea).  I called his office and he fit me in that day!

I got on my plane to Europe pain free two weeks later, drunkenly passed out all over Europe with my neck in weird positions and never felt even an ounce of pain.

My neck has been so much been so much better ever since then and since he’s got a great discount deal when you buy multiple treatments, I know that if/when I ever have problems again, I’m all set!” – Abby H.

During pregnancy I was almost an invalid with my sciatic pain. After one session with Dr. Rosenberg I walked out of his office on a cloud. He is very nice and takes his time with you. I also love how you can get package deals. Very economical.” – Crystal S.

I have had reoccurring headaches and Dr. Rosenberg at San Diego Sports and Spine was able to eliminate them.” – Phelan R.

I have had therapy at S. D. Sports & Spine for about six months. I am very happy with their service. The therapists and staff are very skilled and anxious to help their patients. Thanks to all.“‎ – tere m

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