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Checklist for proper posture while sitting or standing

If you’re suffering from back pains, you may want to consider some of the common causes of back problems. Sitting or standing correctly can help keep your posture on the right track. Here’s Dr. Rosenberg’s quick list you can check … Continue reading

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3 Quick Exercises You Can Perform at Work to Keep Good Spinal Health

Too many times we find ourselves sitting at our desk working hours on end. This can cause long term back problems. Here’s a quick exercise you can implement at work to help keep good spinal health. Get up every thirty … Continue reading

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First things you should consider when getting in an accident

If you have a serious accident you might have to go to the Emergency room to make sure there is not any a life threatening injury or fracture of any bones. If the injury doesn’t require hospitalization, the best thing … Continue reading

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