Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue is a debilitating symptom of many illnesses however; chronic fatigue syndrome itself is an illness that remains extremely controversial. Sufferers are often labeled malingerers or merely tired from lack of rest.

However, the major feature of the condition is continual, extreme fatigue that has no relation to sleep whatsoever. Other symptoms may include the following: 1. sleep disorder 2. recurrent infection 3. forgetfulness 4. muscle soreness 5. joint pain 6. swollen lymph glands 7. confusion 8. depression 9. recurrent sore throats and 10. headaches

Due to the fact that a lot of sufferers’ family, friends and colleges do not accept their disease, it can be severely life-changing. Not many people die from this disease, however, some have taken their own lives.

A visit to a naturopath can greatly assist you as they have a range of nutrient and herbs for the immune and nervous system that may assist you such as: 1. vitamins B; C & D 2. zinc 3. astragalus 4. Echinacea 5. licorice 6. Korean ginseng 7. oxidants

The natural approach to the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome sometimes involves a long and gentle process to slowly reboost the immune system and purge the body of toxins. Detoxifying could be aided with herbs which support kidney and liver function, such as dandelion, milk, thistle, lavender and ginseng.

Taking multi-vitamins to supplement lost vitamins could help, however, because many sufferers experience muscle pain and stiffness, magnesium could improve muscle function.

So, if you think that you have any of the above symptoms, why not visit us so we can make an assessment and recommend what best suits you. Article by by Jenny Gill

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