What is the best treatment for low back pain?

Most cases of back pain are mechanical caused by spinal subluxations which are when the vertebrae have been shifted to an improper location causing pain and inflammation.

Chiropractic is mechanical…it’s physical…it’s done by hand to correct spinal subluxations of the spine. If you have a thorn in your toe…that’s physical. The solution is not chemical. Sure, you can take a drug so you don’t feel the thorn…but to fix the problem you need to remove the thorn.

You also want to look at your lifestyle choices. If you are eating the typical American diet and are carrying too much weight, you could have chronic inflammation. This can lead to spinal subluxations that keep re-occurring.

Many back pain patients are also out of shape and de-conditioned.

Making regular exercise a part of your life can help with acute and chronic low back pain. Your Chiropractor can help put together an exercise plan for you.

Also a good Chiropractor will ask the questions that are needed to find the other causes of your back or neck pain. For example: Are you sitting on a big wallet? Or do carry a big purse? How do you sleep? What is your chair or seat in your work and car like? Is there lumbar support? Chiropractors have to be like a detective. Find the cause and the cure will be easier.

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