Checklist for proper posture while sitting or standing

If you’re suffering from back pains, you may want to consider some of the common causes of back problems. Sitting or standing correctly can help keep your posture on the right track.

Here’s Dr. Rosenberg’s quick list you can check against.

  1. Do you have proper lumbar support in your seat?
  2. Do you have your wallet in your back pocket?
  3. Are you sitting on an even surface?
  4. Do your shoes have proper arch support?
  5. Are you wearing high heels?
  6. Do you know if you where born with a spinal problem that would give you backpain?
  7. Are you lifting things properly?

There are many causes of back pain. Simple changes can have huge benefits. If you feel like you’re following the proper posture guidelines but still have back problems, consider setting up an appointment with Dr. Erik Rosenberg, D.C. (858) 279-2121 today.

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