First things you should consider when getting in an accident

  1. If you have a serious accident you might have to go to the Emergency room to make sure there is not any a life threatening injury or fracture of any bones.
  2. If the injury doesn’t require hospitalization, the best thing to first do is to ice the injury. 15-20 minutes each hour up to five hours a day for two days. This will help to keep the swelling down and shorten your recovery.
  3. Rest: go easy at first. Listen to your body. If it hurts you probably should slow down a bit.
  4. See a good Chiropractor. You want your injury to heal correctly. Nobody ever had back pain until they hurt themselves. A good Chiropractor will see that your injury will have the proper care so your pain won’t be a problem in your future.
  5. Remember the five most dangerous words ever spoken: Maybe it will go away! Ignoring a problem is the worst thing anyone can do. Many good people are suffering or dead because they never saw a doctor when they should of.

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