Common causes of headaches and what you can do about them.

There are many causes of headaches. Some are serious but others are common. The most common headache is caused by spinal misalignments in the upper cervical spine that impinges nerves. The body’s response to impinged nerves is to tighten the muscles around the vertebra to protect the nerve. This combination restricts blood flow and causes headaches. Poor posture, whiplash or any other injury can tighten the muscles and pull a vertebra out of place also causing a headache.

High blood pressure can cause headaches. This also can be associated with stress which causes both. Also low blood sugar and dehydration can give you headaches.

There are headaches that are caused when the body is toxic. We all know about hangovers but many medications also give headaches as a side effect.

The bottom line is that when you have a headache, the body is telling us that there is something wrong. If it wasn’t self inflicted from a big night out, you should have it looked at by a Chiropractor. We will find the cause of your head pain.

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